To meet the needs of school planners, we have developed a comprehensive demographic, enrolment projection and development tracking system that integrates a wide-variety of data sources and technologies to deliver a world-class system for K-12 School Districts looking for a solution to support their operational and facility planning needs.

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Using Data to Support Instruction and Student Learning

To address the needs of school districts, Paradigm Shift has developed a comprehensive solution to allow school districts to become "Data Driven".

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To meet the needs of school districts, PSTGI has developed a comprehensive elementary and secondary school staffing solution with integrated analysis and reporting to support school organization, staffing allocation, and reporting.

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Improvement+ is an improvement planning solution for education, healthcare and local government.

Improvement+ provides transparency so that everyone in your organization can achieve the desired Outcomes, and ensure that local strategies and resources are aligned across all facets of your organization.

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